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    ACE Construction has been advancing alongside the steel construction industry since 1969, erecting well over ten million square-feet.  Our services include the assembly of structures consisting of conventional steel, prefabricated metal and precast concrete panels; historically ranging in size from 800 square feet all the way up to 560,000 square-feet.  We work in cooperation with general contractors as well as individual owners. In the construction industry, meeting customer needs is essential to the success of a business; however, our company strives to go beyond “average”, with intentions of surpassing our customer’s expectations on each and every project.

      We take great pride in our work; focusing our efforts on producing top quality buildings as well as

forming equally relaible, long lasting relationships with our clients.  Our office is located in central

Iowa, just a few minutes north west of Des Moines, in the city of Grimes.  Our dedication and love for our

work has given us the opportunity to travel to nearly every state in the U.S., however the majority of our work can be seen in the Midwest region.

     We’ve had many years' experience with nearly everything this industry has to offer; both good and bad.  We’re familiar with the standard protocol of the construction process including the laws, rules and regulations governing commercial buildings.  Our understanding of all of these aspects gives us the advantage of completing work at unmatched speeds.  In addition to the traditional styles of buildings, we've also encountered some intriguing variations of the 'standard' in terms of building construction methods and are open to working with our customers by considering or assisting to develop new ideas, concepts and methods.  As a result of such a wide spectrum of working environments, we're prepared handle both on-site and off-site complications/issues in an efficient manner, preventing unnecessary project disruptions or schedule delays. 

Our Company

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